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Part 2 In Cold Blood

The second part was a lot slower than the first I thought. I was a long car chase is how I think to describe it. But when they were actually talking about what really happened in the house I found myself thinking that I was reading a fictional story because no one wants to think that this could happen to anyone even if they didn’t even know them. Ok Perry seems to be really angry and really in need of help. When they were getting picked up by the guy when they were hitchhiking and Dick was all happy go luck talking and laughing with the guy Perry was so set on when will he get to kill the man. It was a really scary glimpse into his mind. That is one of the reasons why it did not surprise me that Perry killed all four of the Clutters and Dick only picked up the shells. That’s one of the reasons why Dick is so angry that he gets the death penalty as well.

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