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True Crime? What does it really mean?


I really did like the movie. It was quite interesting. I did like the part where Henry was first asked what he did for a living and he said he worked in construction because my family is all Italian on my papa’s side and they all have a whole lot of money and all seem to have the same name but the men say they work for cement places but they never look disheveled one bit haha. I am wondering though if the actor who played Henry had something on his teeth because it was really bothering me. O also the use of the pictures in the movie made it that much better because it reminded the viewer that this was a true story even if you can tell that when they beat up some of the people that it is fake. Other than that it was a great movie. Much better than Helter Skelter. O lastly I really liked how he explained the name of the movie and what it meant to them. Why it is called Goodfellow.

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