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Part 1 In Cold Blood

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October 31st, 2013 Posted 7:30 pm

This book is an interesting book don’t get me wrong but it is a really hard book to get into. I find the different use of perspectives a nice way to change up the style of writing but I think there is way to much narration and detail. I get why the detail is needed in the beginning but even on page 100 there is still a lot of detail and it is hard to keep engaged in the story. I felt really bad when the little girl was the one who found Nancy dead. That was a really horrible thing to have to read and the way they described how they found the bodies was rather disturbing.

I did find one quote that I really liked just because it made no sense but it sounds like it should. “If one bird carried every grain of sand, grain by grain, across the ocean, by the time he got them all on the other side, that would only be the beginning of eternity” (69).

But I did like the perspective of Perry and Dick because you can tell by the way they talk to each other and the way they act that there is some kind of history and it is an interesting thing to try and figure out before you are told.

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October 24th, 2013 Posted 3:50 pm

The comic was an interesting change to what we are used to reading but it was also a hard thing to read. I found that it really resembled many tv crime shows and it might be because it is based on a true crime and most of the crime shows also have true crime aspects in them also. The comic was interesting in the way that they had a story in the story. I really did like reading it and would like more books like that but easier to read :). The show it really reminded me of was bones. If you have not seen that show it is a good one to get into.

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October 24th, 2013 Posted 3:08 pm

What is true crime? According to Google True Crime is a 1996 film directed by Pat Verducci and starring Alicia Silverstone and Kevin Dillon. I just thought that was interesting how that was the first thing that came up when I Goggled it. This shows that our world now is so interested in crime we cant actually say what is true and what is not because they are mostly films and books that we get our crime stories from. If you ask people of all ages today where they get there definition of crime or even everything they know about crime it will be from tv and not from the news. So what I think TRUE CRIME actually is depends on how you perceive what is going on. Everyone depicts what is true differently. I am very trusting so what I depict as being true will be different than people who need the hard facts to say that this crime actually happened.

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Baby Face Nelson


October 24th, 2013 Posted 2:54 pm

Psychopaths freak me out to no end. The fact that you have no idea who they are and they could be your best friend. That is a scary thought. Ok I’m glad I got that out :). Baby Face Nelson seems like a very confused man due to the fact that he does not even have one name he goes by many different names. Lester Joseph Gillis is his real name. George Nelson is his pseudonym name which he robbed banks and murdered. He was better known as Baby Face Nelson because of his youthful appearance and how small he was or people called him “Jimmy”. His partner in crime was John Dillinger who helped him escape from prison. Again I don’t like psychopaths so Nelson is a cute boy for me to talk about :) but he was not a good person for people to encounter.

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